Tekstil Business Magazine prepares its editorial content that covers all technic, design, production, sales and know-how processes of the textile industry. Textile machinery and technologies, natural and man-made textile raw materials, works in yarn and fiber field, current developments of the industry, important R&D Works, and current position and production of the companies in the market can be found in the general content. All elements of the supply chain are presented to the readers under news, agenda, file, technical textiles/nonwovens, interview and article headings.

NEWS: Textile machines, technologies, sub-industry and accessories, textile chemicals and auxilliaries, and the whole textile manufacturing processes from fiber to yarn, and from weaving to finishing, sales and after service services, industry corporations and instutitions, and various works of the companies are covered under this heading. The news presented are aiming to inform the readers about the major developments in the industry.

AGENDA: Major events and organizations that sets out the agenda in the textile industry which stands out as a fast-pace production-marketing process and also important works of corporations and institutions are covered in detail under this heading. The fairs which are studied under textiles, technical textiles, technology, chemicals etc. headings are presented to the readers in Agenda section. Under this heading, views of sector representatives about contemporary issues are also covered.

FILE: Tekstil Business inform its readers every month about spesific topics with file subjects highlighted in media kit. These file subjects which are incorporated in our media kit gives space to the major headlines of the industry as well as covers long-lasting structural topics. File studies are focusing on machinery and technology, technical textiles, natural and man-made fiber technologies, new technologies in fields such as weaving and knitting technologies as well as new rising values like sustainability, productivity and saving and also global and local industry transition tied to macro economic balances are evaluated within the framework of the industry.

TECHNICAL TEXTILES-NONWOVENS: Technical textiles and nonwovens constantly expanding their usage area that have an important place within the Tekstil Business Magazine’s editorial content. Detailed information is provided to readers about technical textiles and nonwovens which expand their usage areas every day in a wide spectrum from space technologies to medical applications, and from apparel industry to automation and to construction works.

TECHNOLOGY: Technologies and Equipments of the textile machinery sector which is a technology-intesive field, spare parts and components are classified amongst the major topics. Under this heading; technological developments, R&D works and investments, the expectations of the market from the most contemporary technologies, and the new opportunites provided with next-gen technologies to the industry are to be evaluated within the reach of this framework.

INTERVIEW: The Textile industry is a niche field in which the professionals and experts have a word both in the management and production process. Thus, we are conducting interviews and special news with these specialists both about the industry’s current situation and the innovations. These interviews focusing on the views and evaluations of the industry representatives which aim to inform the readers both from the perspective of companies and from the global and local outlook of the industry.

ARTICLE: Academic articles concerning the textile industry and providing a different perspective are published in our magazines after getting approval from our Editorial Board. Besides important academicians from Turkish and foreign universities, industry specialists are also publishing articles on the following main topics: textile technologies and innovations, developments in fiber segment, innovations in yarn and fabrics processes, innovative technologies which are concerning environmentally friendly-sustainable production, and R&D studies.